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Italian visual artist Alessandro Lumare and choreographer Simona Lobefaro are coming back to Estonia!

The movement and visual art workshops they have developed are world renowned and have received various awards and recognitions.


what is it?

Segni Mossi has workshops that are divided by colors, each with different aspects to explore. This time, they are offering a workshop called “Yellow”, where we will investigate

▶️ group in a room

▶️ speeds and strengths of trajectories

▶️ darkness

▶️ immediacy

▶️ memory traces

▶️ dynamics of jumps

▶️ symmetry of bodies and drawings

▶️ observation practices


Who said you have to sit down to paint? That while the hand is sliding on the paper, the rest of the body should fall asleep? You can draw with your whole body: run, jump, laugh.

You can draw without looking, with another body, with your voice, in the air. You can be witty and you can get lost in space. You can leave a mark even while standing still.

The purpose of our workshops is to offer participants the opportunity to help overcome fears and practices related to the alleged incompetence of drawing, to become more confident about their body as a means of communication, to develop the ability to participate in group activities, to stimulate critical thinking and aesthetic feeling.

workshop is held in two groups

30 spots in each group!


Friday 25.10 14:00–19:00
Saturday 26.10 9:00–14:00

22 available spots!


Saturday 26.10 15:00–20:00
Sunday 27.10 9:00–14:00

28 available spots!

workshop goals

▶️ Overcome fears related to drawing 

▶️ Enhance confidence in using the body

▶️ Develop the ability to participate in group activities

▶️ Stimulate critical thinking

▶️ Relieve tension

▶️ Introduce techniques to apply in your work/practice


Alessandro Lumare and Simona Lobefaro

visual artist and choreographer

Simona Lobefaro comes from a multidisciplinary background whose pivot is contemporary dance, research dance and performance. She is the choreographer of MAddAI. She is part of Sistemi Dinamici Altamente Instabili. She conducts dance workshops for adults, children, children and adults together.

Alessandro Lumare is an author of illustrated books for children, art trainer and atelierista. He has a professional experience as video maker, dancer and sociocultural operator. His artistic research is characterized by multidisciplinary and attitude to innovation.

watch the video introducing the training


The cost of the workshop 360€

Payment possible up to three installments!
Includes light snacks and coffee/tea, training certificate

registration form

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