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Art therapy with children aged 1-6

a one-day mini-training to give you knowledge about creative therapy opportunities that can be used with preschool-aged children – to maintain and support their creativity, self-esteem, your relationship, and self-regulation!

every child is individual

Our training emphasizes the importance of an individual approach, helping caregivers, teachers, and parents understand and respect the unique qualities of each child. We provide highly practical tools for working with children!


Today's society and parents expect individual approach for their children. This means that educational and care institutions have a greater responsibility to ensure that each child receives the necessary support and attention for developing their skills and personality.

creativity - future's skill!

Creativity is considered one of the most important skills for the future. It promotes flexibility, problem-solving ability, and open-mindedness. Our training focuses on developing creativity, which is fundamental in childhood, to help children adapt quickly to a rapidly changing world.

after the training, you will know how

The training is illustrated with numerous photo and video materials, which the trainer has documented in her practice over the years.

day schedule

the training day starts at 10:00 AM.
lunch break from 1:00 PM to 1:45 PM.
day ends at 5:00 PM.
To complete the course, you must answer open-ended questions through an online form in the end of the day


the training comes with PDF materials accompanied by pictures

next dates





Alissa Kiinvald

art therapist (MSc), founder of LOOV art therapy center in Tallinn, Estonia

Alissa Kiinvald is a creative art therapist who is dedicated to working with children and families. Her educational background and professional journey have been focused on these areas, providing her with a deep understanding and skills to work with children. She continuously updates her knowledge by attending various training and courses, particularly focusing on the mental health of children and families, and coping with trauma and stress.

Alissa earned a Master’s degree in Art Therapy (MSc) from the Institute of Natural and Health Sciences at Tallinn University in 2021, and since then has worked in various roles – as a creative therapist in a children’s home and private practice, a visiting lecturer at Tallinn University, and owner and trainer at LOOV Therapy Center.

2021 Tallinn University, Institute of Natural and Health Sciences, Art Therapy MSc
2016 Estonian Academy of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Photography BSc



2021–  LOOV Creative Therapy Center, Owner/CEO, Trainer, Creative Therapist

2021–  Tallinn University, Visiting Lecturer

2022–2033 Tallinn Children’s Home Therapy Center, Creative Therapist

2021–2022 Adeli Rehabilitation Center, Creative Therapist

2020–2022 Tallinn 32nd High School, Art Therapy Elective Teacher



 2022–2023 Tallinn University, “Art-based Family Work” (including the basics of family therapy)

2022 The British Association of Art Therapists, Dyadic Parent-Child Art Psychotherapy Training Level 1 

2022 Igale Lapsele Pere NGO, “Introduction to the BUS model (Building Underdeveloped Sensorimotor Systems)

 2021 University of Tartu, “Sensory Flagging System: Responding to Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour by Children and Youth”

2021 International Trauma Training Institute (ITTI), Attachment and Trauma

2020 Igale Lapsele Pere NGO, “Trauma Competent Care Training (TCC)”

2020 Sofia SM, “Introductory Course in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: Solution-Focused Approach and Counseling Techniques”

2019–2020 Estonian Academy of Arts, “Introduction to Ceramics”

2019–2020 Zero to Three, ZERO TO THREE Critical Competencies for Infant–Toddler Educators™

2018 Tallinn University, “Parent-Child Art Therapy Methods for Babies and Toddlers”

2017 School of Traditional Knowledge and Folk Medicine, “How to Understand and Support Children Using Art Therapy Principles”

2017 Mindfulness Minutes, 8-week Mindfulness Course


course cost 47€


there are a total of 30 spots available for one training session!

We will send you an invoice with payment link! 


A prerequisite for attending the training is proficiency in English, as the training is held in English.

For this course you can pay in one instalment, but please write to us, if you require some other arrangement and we can see what we can do. 

Participants of the training can view the recorded Zoom meeting for one year. They will also have unlimited access to presentation slides and additional PDF materials.

To receive a training certificate, you have to participate in the meeting directly. If you are unable to participate directly, you can watch the recording and answer the questionnaire within one month, after which we will issue the certificate. If you are ill for a long time or unforeseen circumstances happen, we will find a solution.

To receive a training certificate, one must participate directly in a ZOOM meeting and answer the questions on the non-compulsory questionnaire at the end of the training day. When watching the recording later, one must complete a longer questionnaire within one month.

Yes, definitely! The topics covered in the training are very useful for every parent or future parent.


Keep an eye on our Instagram account where we share various activity videos and posts, do giveaways, and share information about art therapies! And all of this is free!

additional information

LOOV therapy center (PIGNERES OÜ) registration number: 223522.



1.1 The trainings provided by PIGNERES OÜ take place under the name of LOOV therapy center.

1.2 LOOV therapy center follows the legal acts of the adult education sector and other relevant documents (e.g. the Code of Ethics of the Estonian Association of Creative Therapy) when organizing additional trainings.

1.3 The training courses offered by LOOV therapy center are: psychology; therapy and rehabilitation; personal development.

1.4 The volume of the courses is calculated in academic hours, where one academic hour is 45 minutes long.

1.5 The trainings are conducted in Estonian or Russian, and the language of instruction is specified for each training course.

1.6 The basis for the training courses is their description which includes: a brief description/introduction, target group, location, duration, course name, course group, language of instruction, learning outcomes, course content, completion criteria, lecturer’s qualifications, registration/cancellation, and complaints information.



2.1 Registration for trainings is done through the LOOV therapy center website (, where the course descriptions and registration are available under the “reserve” category. The training is added to the shopping cart, and payment can be made using a bank link, bank transfer, or by adding a comment indicating the desire for an e-invoice. After registration, a confirmation letter is sent to the participant’s email (which may also be found in the spam folder).

2.2 The payment deadline for individuals is one day before the start of the training, and for legal entities, it is up to 21 days after the training. It is possible to pay in installments and/or on an agreed upon date. Separate agreements must be made in writing by email to

2.3 The trainings are held with a minimum of 5 participants.

2.4 Up to 50 people can participate in an online training, and up to 30 people in contact training. When the seats are full, it’s possible to sign up for a waiting list.



3.1 If a training is cancelled (due to illness of the lecturer or other unforeseeable circumstances), the participants are informed as soon as possible and a new time is agreed upon. If it’s not possible to participate at the new time, the fee will be refunded or can be used to purchase other PIGNERES OÜ services.

3.2 If, three days prior to the training, there are not enough participants (5), the participants will be notified by email and the training will be postponed or cancelled.

3.3 In the case of cancellation or postponement of the training, the training fee can be used for the next occasion, for the purchase of other PIGNERES OÜ services, or refunded to the bank account used for payment.

3.4 If a participant has paid for the training and chooses to withdraw from it (at any time), a refund will not be given. The training fee can be used for other PIGNERES OÜ services, such as future trainings.



4.1 The trainings take place in the ZOOM environment or in person. In either case, the infrastructure necessary to effectively complete the course will be provided.

4.2 The trainings consist of lectures, individual work, and group discussions.

4.3 A training certificate is issued to participants who attend the training from beginning to end and participate in all exercises, discussions, etc.

4.4 If a participant leaves the training session early, they can make an agreement with the trainer for completing the training through independent work, which would cover the topics that the participant missed.

4.5 All participants who complete training will receive a digitally signed certificate within 3 weeks, which will be sent to the provided email address. 


5.1 The trainers of LOOV therapy center are creative therapists (MSc), who have supplemented themselves with different teachings and trainings. You can familiarize yourself with the trainers’ qualifications on the website: 

5.2 The trainers educate themselves continuously on specialty topics, participate in supervision and/or co-vision.

5.3 At the end of each training, the participants fill out a Google Form feedback questionnaire where they note their satisfaction with the training (on a scale of 0-10), what they gained most from the training, and suggestions for improvement. This information is always taken into account for future training planning and development.



6.1 Disputes between the LOOV therapy center lecturer and the participant are resolved by phone (55686908) or email (